50th Anniversary of CoMeT

The next 50th anniversary of Collegium Medicorum Theatri celebration will be in Copenhagen by The Pan-European Voice Conference “ Voicing Science and Experience “ on Wednesday 28th August with the kind organization of PEVoC Copenhagen Organizing Committee:

  • Stine Løvind Thorsen
  • Solveig Gunvor Pedersen
  • Anne Bingen-Jakobsen
  • Ditte Søbæk Johansen
  • Jenny Iwarsson
  • and the Board of PeVoC : President Dr. Markuss Hess and Secretary Dr. Dirk Muerbe


Scandic Falkoner Hotel, Falkoner Allé 9,2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark


Wednesday 28th August 2019
Collegium Medicorum Theatri 50 th years anniversary celebration session
Moderator Markus Hess (Germany)

  • 17.30-17:31 Celebration video for 50th Anniversary of CoMeT
    R.Eugenia Chavez M.D. President of Collegium Medicorum Theatri (Mexico)
  • 17.31-17:46 “Difficult singer’s personalities and how to deal with them”
    Jacob Lieberman Ph.D. (Israel) and Markus Hess M.D. (Germany)
  • 17.46-18:01 “To sing or not to sing? The “hamletic approach” of Theater physicians” Orietta Calcinoni M.D. Milan (Italy)
  • 18:16-18:31 „Phonomicrosurgical challenges in world class professional singer’s”
    Markus Hess (Germany) and Jale Papila (invited by Marcus Hess)

Clossure of CoMeT session and 50th Anniversary celebrations by Marcus Hess M.D. (Germany)

See full programme here.