The Executive Board of CoMeT

R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón de Bartelt MD, PhD, President

  • Director : Centro de Foniatría y Audiología.Mexico City since 1989.
  • Collegium Medicorum Teatri .President elected in May 2018-2022 and 2022-26.
  • Specialized Medical Doctor in Phoniatrics and Audiology.
  • Medical studies in Medicine Faculty Nat. Autonomous Univ. Mexico.
  • Doctorate studies in Phoniatrics, General Hospital in Vienna,University Vienna, Austria (Artistic Voice Phoniatrics) 1980-1982.
  • Fellowship (special government invitation) Charité Hospital, University Alexander von Humboldt Berlín, Germany (Phonosurgical training in vocal folds surgery and Singing voice pathologies).1987.
  • Board Member : WVConsortium since 2006.
  • Organizer and host Int. Congress Collegium Medicorum Theatri “Experts in artistic voice” March 2009 Mexico.
  • National Coordinator World Voice Day Mexico since 2000.
  • National Coordinator Union European Phoniatricians since 2013.Voice and Education Committee.Coordinator Branding Group U.E.P.
  • Active member in national and international Societies.
  • Conferences, courses and workshops in many countries.
  • Professor of courses and workshops for Pediatricians, ENT, Phoniatricians, Audiologists, Singing and acting teachers, Voice Professionals.
  • Clinical, surgical and rehabilitation activities.
  • Development in rehabilitation techniques for voice professional users.
  • Teleducation programs for risky voice professional users.
  • Workshps in Endoscopical indirect surgery for artistic voice.
  • International research in the air pollution, environment, respiratory and food allergies effects on the voice.
  • Research projects in artistic voice pathologies. ,allergies and voice.
  • Post- Covid-19 special voice training.
  • Publications on Respiratory and food allergies, environmental pollution, Indirect surgery for singers. Voice care. Singing voice pathology.
  • Minerva 104–501 .Col. Florida Ciudad de México. México.
  • (52)5556 632073 5554002770

Austin King M.D., Treasurer

After my training in ENT at Baylor College of Medicine, I was encouraged by CoMeT member Van Lawrence to follow my interests in voice and establish my own voice lab which was very rare since fiberoptic laryngoscopy was just being introduced. This led to my becoming involved with Baylor when they first began Botox injections for spasmodic dysphonia. I then met member Jim Gould when presenting our research on wind instrumentalists and the larynx at the Voice Foundation and Nasser Kotby in Cairo when traveling with the Houston Grand
Opera. Both of them encouraged me to become a member of CoMeT.

My voice lab and I hosted CoMeT at a meeting in Santa Fe which led to me being elected president of CoMeT several years later. Since then I helped Dick Stasney host a meeting in Aspen and then again in Houston.

While president, I published the first history of CoMeT written by Dr, Perello and helped better organize the organization. I still run a voice lab in my home of Abilene, Texas and treat an assortment of singers from country and western to barber shop and am still intrigued and amazed at the human voice.


Erkki Bianco, MD, Secretar General

  • Teacher for 18 years vocal technique at école d’art lyrique de l’Opéra de Paris,
  • Phonetics at the Sorbonne in Paris,
  • Musical acoustics at SupTelecom
  • And speechtherapy in the school DUEFO in Pitié-Salepétrière.

Member of the Forum IRCAM where I followed the Saturday courses by Pierre Boulez with my music composition teacher.

I gave courses on the singing voice in Brasil, USA, Denmark and France.

I was the phoniatrician of the hopital Lariboisière and hopital Foch.


Isabel García-López, M.D., PHD, M.M, Membership Secretary

Master Degree in Music: Vocal Performance
Bachelor Degree in Music: Piano Performance

Isabel Garcia-Lopez is Otolaryngologist. From the beginning of her career she has always focused in Laryngology and Voice Care. After her specialization in Madrid she expanded her knowledge in Laryngology in the United States as a visitor (Dr. Rosen, UPMC – Dr. Peak Woo, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount

At the same time, she graduated in Music (Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy- Conservatory of Castilla-Leon-Spain). She works as a laryngologist in La Paz University Hospital, where she is a member staff of the Voice Clinic.

She has written several publications related with laryngology. She regularly participates as a speaker in Spanish courses in the field of Laryngology as well as in international symposia (Voice Foundation, CoMET, ELS, IAP, PEVOC).

She is currently the General Vicesecretary of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. She also works as a professor, teaching both individual lessons for singers and courses for otolaryngologysts, speech language pathologists and music teachers in Spain.


Markus Hess, Past President