Article 2


This Collegium shall be called “Collegium Medicorum Theatri”, hereinafter called “the Collegium” or CoMeT and shall be composed of physicians, scientists, voice coaches and voice pathologists/ therapists from different cities around the world, who are connected with major theatres, operas or conservatories and as well have the experience and have demonstrated special dedication to the physiology and pathology of the voice in singers and actors.

Originated: Mexico, August 14, 1969

On August 14, 1969, the following laryngologists convened in the Centro Medico, Mexico City for the purpose of founding a Collegium of physicians with a special interest in the voice of singers and actors:

  • John Ballantyne, London, England
  • Giuseppe Bellussi, Roma, Italy
  • Wilbur J. Gould, New York, USA
  • Ikuichiro Hiroto, Kurume, Japan
  • Ernst Loebell, Muchen, Germany
  • Jorge Perello, Barcelona, Spain
  • Renato Segre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Toshio Shiroiwa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Severino Tarasco, Mexico, D. F. Mexico
  • Bernard Vallancien, Paris, France
  • Hans von Leden, Los Angeles, USA

The association, whose activity is not profit-making, is politically and religiously neutral.

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To encourage the scientific investigation of the physiology and pathology of the voice of singers and actors;
  • To further the clinical study of these professional voice users;
  • To encourage clinical studies on voice problems
  • To exchange knowledge and ideas among the members in the form of seminars or meetings at international conventions;
  • To facilitate the referral of a singer or actor to a well-qualified specialist in another city where the artist is scheduled to perform;
  •  To develop educational activities related to the vocal problems of singers and actors.

Activities and Meetings:

It is the task of the Collegium to disseminate scientific and clinical knowledge about artistic voice among the medical, paramedical, educational and artistic voice community. This task can be achieved by organizing congresses, meetings, courses and lectures, as well as by publications.

(1)   Congresses, meetings, courses and lectures

CoMeT organizes their own specific congresses, in principle at least once in every two years. Each event is the responsibility of an assigned CoMeT- member, after approval of the President and if possible , the affirmation by the General Assembly. The responsibility extends not only to the organizational but also the financial aspects. A Member who is willing to organize a CoMeT-congress, needs to submit his proposal to the Board at a General Assembly. In case of several proposers, the general assembly makes a choice. The program has to be elaborated in accordance with the wishes of the President. Such congresses are open to the whole voice community. However, a non-member who is willing to give a presentation must be sponsored by at least two active CoMet members and the President. Only topics directly or indirectly related to artistic voice shall be accepted.

Besides its own congresses, CoMeT organizes symposia, satellite-meetings, special sessions, round tables, key-note lectures, workshops etc. within the framework of other congresses that have a connection with the interests of the Collegium, e.g. congresses of ENT, laryngology, phoniatrics, acoustics, singing teaching etc. These kind of activities are always coordinated by the President.

Similarly, CoMeT-courses or tutorials pertaining to scientific and clinical aspects of artistic voice can be organized either in connection with one of the above mentioned meetings, or on their own, in accordance with the President’s wishes.

Further, CoMeT- members are encouraged to give lectures dealing with artistic voice at other congresses, and to do so under the CoMeT-banner with the authorization from the President.

The ordinary General Assembly (see Art. 9) meets, in principle, yearly at the occasion of a CoMeT-congress or meeting.

The official language of CoMeT is English.

(2)   Publications

Conference-organizers are encouraged to edit proceedings and to organize special issues of journals with CoMeT-topics.

CoMeT- members are encouraged to mention their CoMeT- affiliation when publishing articles related to artistic voice.


Article 3

Resources for achieving the association’s purpose:

The necessary resources for achieving the activities and meetings, as mentioned in Article 2, should be raised by:

  1. a) Membership fees
  2. b) Donations and subsidies
  3. c) Proceeds from events
  4. d) Legacies and other benefits