CoMeT 2010 was hosted by John S. Rubin in London, UK.



CoMeT 2011 was hosted by Prof. Kathrin Neumann in Frankfurt, Germany.
In September, a intermediate meeting took place in Marseille, France. The main topics were the problems with the website, the necessity of a “membership secretary” and the announcement of the world Voice Symposium.

The members of Collegium Medicorum Theatri at the intermediate Meeting in Marseille 2011



CoMeT 2012 was held in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, at the Centro de Estudos da Voz – CEV (Center for Voice Studies), where 14 members of the collegium had a whole day of interaction and exchange opportunities on April 13th. This meeting was followed by a two and a half-day event, coordinated by Mara Behlau, HELD AT THE Maria Imaculada Auditorium, with the following title: ARTISTIC PROFESSIONAL VOICE – UPDATE AND CHALLENGES. The event was open to the public, with an attendance of 212 participants. The opening ceremony occurred on the evening of the 13th, with as pocket show and an introductory conference – “Singers, Stage Noise and Ear Protection”, delivered by John Rubin. During the following two days, 5 conferences and 7 panels were offered by CoMeT members. Moreover, 4 poster sessions with 60 studies were held with a competition among Brazilian students. Three poster awards were given, selected by CoMeT members that judged the quality of the work.

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS in 2012 – all presents at São Paulo meeting
President: John Rubin
General Secretary: Josef Schlömicher-Their
Treasurer: Matthias Weikert
President Elect (ex officio): Philippe Dejonckere
Scientific Program Chairperson: Mara Behlau, PhD
International Relations coordinator: Gabriela Rodrigues, SLP
Executive Coordinator: Karine Rech Berger, SLP
Fourteen (14) international members of the CoMeT attended as faculty:

1. Ronald Baken (USA)
2. Philippe Dejonckere (Belgium)
3. Per-Ake Lindestad (Sweden)
4. Ofer Amir (Israel)
5. Lucinda Halstead (EUA)
6. Lesley Mathieson (UK)
7. Josef Schlomicher-Thier (Austria)
8. John Rubin (UK)
9. Erkki Bianco (France)
10. Adi Primov-Fever (Israel)
11. Matthias Weikert (Germany)
12. Felix de Jong (Belgium)
13. Austin King (USA)
14. Gu Lide (China)
15. MARA BEHLAU (Brasil)


From 16-19th November 2016, Comet members and other experts in Artistic professions met in Milan in a small congress, less than 100 people, but coming from 13 different Countries. The theme joining them was “Prevention in Art: Art of Prevention”… Read more.



In 2018 CoMeT visited NASA.



Photo from Schloemicher-Thier J., Chavez E., Sataloff R. , Calcinoni O.,Woo P. receiving CoMeT honorary member diploma,
round table Management of artistic voice in Voice Foundation celebration for CoMeT.


50th Anniversary of CoMeT, Copenhagen:

Wednesday 28th august 2019 , Collegium Medicorum Theatri 50th years anniversary session …
Read abstract here.


La Voce Artistica, Ravenna:

10th – 13th october