With the new decade starting right away with the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to hold our meetings online. The new series of “CoMeT Academic Online Meetings” maintained the possibility for scientific conversation around the globe during this time of health crisis and multiple restrictions. We also started to publish the recorded meetings via YouTube.

December Toast

Honorary Members


The series of online meetings continues. Here are some photos of the scientific online gatherings.



Academic Sessions

Tallin PEVoC 2022 August



Virtual Annual Conference Tel Aviv 2022



New Year Virtual Toast

Tribute to Frantisek Sram


Session 15th – April 2023


Tribute to Susana Naidich

Tribute to Isshiki

Session 16th – July 2023

Session 17th – September 2023



Session 14th – January 2024


Session 18th – January 2024

Annual Conference on Paris – April 2024