On the 14th of August, 1969, during the IX International Congress of the O.R.L., in Mexico City, Hans von Leden, who was Chairman of the Laryngeal Section of the Congress, invited the following laryngologists to meet for the purpose of founding an organization of physicians with a special interest in the voice of singers and actors:

  • Mr. John Ballantyne, London, England
  • Dr. Giuseppe Bellussi, Roma, Italy
  • Dr. Wilbur J. Gould, New York, USA
  • Dr. Ikuichiro Hiroto, Kurume, Japan
  • Dr. Ernst Loebell, München, Germany
  • Dr. Jorge Perello, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Renato Segre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr. Toshio Shiroiwa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr. Severino Tarasco, Mexico, D. F. Mexico
  • Dr. Bernard Vallancien, Paris, France
  • Dr. Hans von Leden, Los Angeles, USA

Professor Segre suggested the name Collegium Medicorum Theatri, and its abbreviation CoMeT for the organization. This recommendation was adopted unanimously. Dr. Segre also presented an outline of the statutes. This organization shall be composed of physicians, scientists, voice coaches, and voice pathologists from different cities around the world, who are connected with major theaters, operas, or conservatories, or who have demonstrated special dedication to the physiology and pathology of the voice in singers and actors.