Time: in May 29 2019, 8 p.m. to  12 p.m.

Location: Westin Hotel, Philadelphia

Abstracts submission for all CoMeT members to:

Joseph Schlömicher-Thier, Secretary of CoMeT

E-mail: eugenia@centrodefoniatria.comaustrianvoice@sbg.at

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CoMet –  welcome addresses 2019:

PeVoC Copenhagen August27-30: Markus Hess

Voce Artistica Ravenna October 12-14 : Joseph Schlömicher-Thier, Philippe de Jonckere

XXVII Pacific Voice Conference EU, Poland Kraków October 24-26:  Krzysztof Izdebski,

MaVEBa in Florence, December 17-19: Joseph Schlömicher-Thier