New Board Members Have Been Elected for CoMeT

The Collegium Medicorum Theatri (CoMet) is an international association of ENT doctors who have dedicated themselves to the medical treatment and consultation of singers and musicians. Founded in 1969, the association is one of the worldwide first and premium contact addresses for artists looking for vocal specialists.

At its annual meeting the Collegium recently completed its board elections, and four new board members were elected for their three year terms. The newly elected board members began on September 1, 2015.

A CoMeT member since many years, Markus Hess, MD was elected new president. A founder and head of the “Deutsche Stimmklinik” (German Voice Clinic) in Hamburg, Germany, is also full professor at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. His primary goals for the Collegium is to modernize and intensify the communication between its members as well as with the public. He also wants to strengthen CoMeT as a worldwide contact point for voice professionals looking for help with voice related medical issues.

He will be supported by Eugenia Chavez, MD (Mexico City, Mexico), who was elected Secretary General, and the financial well-being lies in the hands of Treasurer Peter Hulin, MD (Munich, Germany), and Ofer Amir, PhD (Tel Aviv, Israel) will act as Membership Secretary.

Markus Hess and the new board want to thank all of CoMeT for the confidence and is looking forward to exciting three years. The executive board expresses its gratitude and thanks to former President Philippe De Jonkere, MD, PhD, as well as to the other past board members (Josef Schlömicher-Thier, MD, and Matthias Weikert, MD) for all the valuable and extensive work they put into the Collegium over the past three years.

Here you can read more about the new board members!