Technology in Voice & Speech Services

Software – Hardware  – Applications in Medicine, Performing Arts, and IT

Location: AGH University, Krakow, Poland, April 11-­‐13, 2014

The XXII PVC (East) is a co-­‐production of with many leading research, academic and clinical institutions in the USA, Poland and other EU countries.

Conference Focus
  1. How technology by means of optical visualizations, acoustics, electrophysiology, software, posturography and many other new technologies, including assistive device technologies, etc., helps in capturing, processing and analyzing voice and speech signals and how these technologies are fundamental to clinical outcomes in medicine, in artistic training, in IT, for homeland security, etc.
  2. Special focus is given to software and hardware and their roles in the diagnosis, treatment and restoration of motor and sensory functions involved in voice and speech production, verbal communication, cognitive processing, learning and perception, including the role of assistive devices in speech, voice and cognitive rehabilitation.
  3. Hardware and software discussions with a special focus on signal processing and clinical applications in bioengineering, homeland security, phonetic processing, communication including man-­‐machine, in performance pedagogy, and in vocal emotion processing issues.

XXII PVC East features traditional presentations, workshops, posters, panel discussions, and an innovators’ forum. Exhibitors and vendors will be present. The best papers will be published in e-­‐Phonoscope and in IEEE.

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