We would like to invite all CoMeTs to the Pre-Symposium of the 11th International Voice Symposium. The topics will be Interventional Laryngology, Indirect Phonosurgery in Office Procedure” and “Skills and Tricks in Voice Therapy”. It will take place on August 22, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Interventional Laryngology and indirect Phonosurgery in Office Procedure Organic voice disorders, which can be treated with phonosurgery, fall, due to their causes, into two categories: Vocal fold lesions with pathological tissue impairing the vibratory movement and vocal fold movement disorders with inappropriate position and/or tension of the vocal folds. In these workshops you can learn the special indications, where the indirect phonosurgery is the appropriate technique for an cost effective and sufficient management for outpatient. The faculty will present a broad catalogue of indicationes and the technique for indirect phonosurgery by case presentation and video demonstration. You will have the possibility to practice the indirect laryngeal op-procedure and vocal fold injections using phonosurgery-dummies.

Faculty: Markus Hess (GER), Michael Benninger (USA), Christian Herbst (AUT), Josef Schlömicher-Thier (AUT), Ilter Denizoglu (TUR), Hans Mahieu (NL), Andrea Ricci Maccarini (I), Jürgen Wendler (GER)

Info + Registration: fax: +43/(0)6216/40 30 20; email: voicesymposium@sbg.at, www.voicesymposium.com

Download the complete folder here.