According to our CoMet records,  the annual fee  is  40,00€. Please transfer the fee of  2011, if you have not done it till yet !

Bank Account Information

  • A/C No.: 0007370164
  • BLZ  300 606 01
  • APO Bank Regensburg
  • IBAN  DE03 300606010007370164
  • BIC (Swift Code)  DAAEDEDD

All CoMet members are charged the same fees, and we look to payment by each member to maintain the financial stability of CoMeT.
I am sorry for bothering you with this but I need to satisfy the rules of CoMeT and, as Treasurer, make sure that all members pay fees.

Explanation of payment modalities:

  1. Credit card procedure is necessary for all the Extra-European members to avoid bank fees.  Bank transfers are welcome, but are charged ! Credit card payment can be handled by letting the Treasurer know the number of your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and you security code (last 3 numbers on the back of the card), after declaring your consent for remote maintenance (please contact for details about the consent form)!
  2. European-Members  are asked  to do the bank transfer (without charge for all SEPA countries)
  3. An automatic debit  transfer system only works  in Germany , the country where the APO Bank is based.
  4. Or  payment can be made when you are present in person at a CoMeT meeting.