The 14-16th November 1970 the first seminar of CoMeT in the Centro Municipal Fonoaudiologico took place with Jorge Perello’ as the first President-Officer.

There were two main topics. The first “Medical care of singers and actors in several countries” by Alexander (Great Britain), Benera (Bulgaria), Bellussi (Italy), Cornut (France), Deinse (Holland), Lira (Chile), Luchsinger (Switzerland), Gould (USA), Habermann (Germany), Von Leden (USA), Moscow (Czechoslovakia), Loebell (Switzerland), Perello’ (Spain) and Vallancien (France).

The second topic was “Vibration of the vocal fold” with 13 contributions.

A formal dinner, followed by the assistance to Aida of Verdi in the Opera Theater of the town, the excursion to the Abbey of Menterrat with audition of his ancient boy chorus, visit to the musical instruments museum, the museum of Scenic Art and the Centro Fonoaudiologico were the social events.


In a letter of Von Leden February 15th 1971 appears for the first time the logotype of CoMeT. August 13-14th 1971 took place the second symposium of CoMeT in Centro Cultural San Martin of Buenos Aires, three days before the 15th Congress of IALP, organized by Prof. Segre. One main topic was “Voice Control” by Von Leden with 8 contributions, and “Singers training” by Segre with 6 contributions.

The social events were a session on “Argentina folkloric art”; the representation of the opera “La Rondine” from Puccini: the visit to Teatro Colon and the Electronic Musical Center.

CoMeT had 36 members. It was approved that professionals who wished to be members of CoMeT must present a thesis that must be approved by two members.


The third symposium of CoMeT March 5-8th 1972 took place in Catania (Italy). Facolta di Giurisprudenza a Villa Cerami under the direction of prof. G.B. Catalano. There were 11 communications. It was approved that the members must attend one of every three successive meetings in order maintain active status. There were troubles with Kanger about the publication of the Procedings and the Assembly accorded that the papers will be published by Segre in Spanish translation. The audition of an opera in the theater Massimo Bellini was not possible because of the illness of the soprano Montserrat Caballe’. The members of the CoMeT visited the Roman theater of Taormina and the Greek theater of Siracusa.


The fourth symposium took place 28-30th May 1973 in the Hotel Trianon-Palace, Versailles-Paris organized by Dr. Benard Vallancien.

There were 13 free papers.

CoMeT had members and associated members. The social events were a visit at Prof. Vallancien acoustic laboratory in Paris, a dinner at the Eiffel Tower with an entertaining floor show, and a performance of “II Trovatore” in the Opera.

The publication of the transactions let to a protracted discussion. The Secretary-Coordinator was authorized to discuss personally with Karger the problem of future publications.


The fifth symposium took place in Julliard School of New York, 17-21st June 1974 put up by W.J. Gould.

There were 23 communications and seven panels. The following decisions were approved:

The scientific sessions should be limited to a maximum of three days and confined to the morning hours. The afternoons and evenings would be reserved for excursions and social programs which would encourage opportunities for fellowship.  The convention hotel would selected to accommodate all participants.  All papers will be allowed 25 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion.  It is reminded that there be no permanent President of CoMeT. Any member who has organized a meeting will serve as President Officer for that meeting.


The IFOS in 1975 crated a Committee on “Care of the Voice” to promote more interest between the otolarygologists to the medical study of the voice to be able to face up the non medical people. Many doctors of this new Committee are members of CoMeT. There is a duplicity of functions and people.


The sixth symposium of CoMeT was set up from 1st to the 3rd June 1976 in Belgrad by Dr. D. Cjevic. Very few insriptions were received. Von Leden complained that he sent many letters to Dr. Cjevic and had recievbed no answer so decided to cancel the meeting. Segre offered to organize the next symposium in Buenos Aires in 1977.


Meantime Segre falls very ill and Susana Naidich take the organization of the sixth symposium in Buenos Aires March 13-19th 1977, during the XI International Congress of ORL. The members assisted to the opera “Le nozze di Figaro” in the Teatro Colon.


The seventh symposium took place in Parkhotel Schonbrunn, Vienna from 20th to 25th, April 1979 organized by Friedrich Frank. The main topic was “The influence of the supraglottic structures upon the voice”. Professor E. M. Majer presented the history of the Phoniatric in Austria. Members assisted to the opera with “Cosi fan Tutte”, took a private town to the Opera House and attended a Viennese operetta.

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